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The Cigar District pipe shop features a wide variety of products for the pipe smoker including dozens of pipes, lots of tins of packaged tobacco, 40+ bulk blends of tobacco that can be measured to order, and along with many lines of accessories that serious pipe enthusiasts require.  And, as always, our knowledgeable staff stands ready to advise and assist pipe customers.



The Savinelli family and its many skilled artisans have been bringing quality to the pipe smoking world since 1876. Using only the finest grades of Sardinian and Corsican briar, every Savinelli pipe is made with great care and pride in the knowledge that each pipe will eventually make someone very proud and satisfied. While Savinelli has always respected tradition, they have also become very progressive over the years, always displaying great attentiveness to correct proportions and harmony resulting in a complete range of both classical and modern shapes. To own a Savinelli pipe is to possess a treasure.



Erik Nording has been a world renowned pipe maker for a long time, and his briars are smoked around the world by thousands of people. Erik has very exacting standards for the briar he uses, only selecting blocks which come from high up on the hillsides from which they're harvested. From traditional shapes to freehands, there's something for everyone.



Peterson pipes, made in Ireland, provide the pipe smoker with a wide selection of briar. These pipes are wonderful to collect. Most Peterson pipe models are available with either a standard, traditional stem (called a "fishtail") or the famous Peterson "p-lip", which directs the smoke toward the roof of your mouth to reduce the chance of burning your tongue.


Additional Pipes 




Butz Choquin



Missouri Meerschaum

Plus our own, locally sourced pipe craftsman… Gary Lowe

GLO pipes are handmade in the Ozarks by Gary Lowe and are available only at The Cigar District!

Gary Lowe Pipes.jpg

Tobacco Tins…


Davidoff pipe tobaccos include classically traditional blends and invitingly elegant flavors. The Davidoff Scottish Mixture is a light, flavourful, middle-cut blend, with a fresh and delicately flowery aroma, which imparts a very pleasant fragrance. One of the most enduringly popular pipe tobacco mixtures, blended from select grades of Virginia, Burley, Kentucky and a small portion of Oriental tobaccos - refined with a dash of the finest Scotch whisky.  Also carry English mixture, Royalty, and Flake Medallions.


Orlik Golden Sliced is one of the most iconic Virginia-based flake tobaccos in the world. Enjoyed by thousands around the globe every day, this nicely pressed blend is formed from sweet, bright flue-cured Virginias and an angel's breath of Perique. The slices are easy to prepare, whether you prefer to fold and stuff or fully rub. 

A superior, mellow, and cool tobacco made from Virginia tobaccos with a touch of black Cavendish and orange bouquet.


A blend of tobacco leaves from Macedonia and the Black Sea region mixed with Latakia from Northern Cyprus and the finest Virginia tobaccos establish the foundation of this Balkan Sasieni English type mixture. Satisfying yet not overwhelming, Balkan Sasieni progresses into an interesting Latakia blend with a smoky aroma.


Erinmore Mixture is a premium blend from leading tobacco growing regions around the world. Comprised of bright, sweet Virginia and a very special black Cavendish with a one-of-a-kind fruit top-note, Erinmore delivers a distinct aroma and unique flavor. This mellow aromatic classic has been enjoyed around the world for decades for its cool taste, slow burn, and easy smoke. Erinmore Mixture pipe tobacco is a must-try for aromatic lovers.


Escudo Navy Deluxe is the gold standard of Virginia/Perique blends and has been for more than 140 years. Choice US grown Virginias and slowly fermented Louisiana Perique are combined, then pressed and spun, finally being sliced into coins. The flavor is lightly sweet but has nice depth and a pleasant amount of spice.


One of the best-known names in British briars brings us this wonderful, classic-style blend. Comoy's Cask #1 is rich in Latakia, with superb Virginias and tangy Orientals rounding out the profile.

Additional Tins

Balkan Sasieni

Comoys Cask #1

Comoys Cask #11

Comoys Cask #12

Comoys Cask #5

Davidoff English Mixture

Davidoff Flake Medallion

Davidoff Royalty

Davidoff Scottish Mixture

Dunhill Ready Rubbed

Edward G Robinson

Erinmore Flake

Erinmore Mixture

Escudo Navy De Luxe

GL Pease Stonehenge Flake

Holger Danske Black and Bourbon

Holger Danske Daily Mixture

Holger Danske Mango and Vanilla

Holger Danske Original Orange

Jolly Old Saint Nickolas

Macbaren Scottish Blend

Orlik Dark Strong Kentucky 

Orlik Golden Sliced

Planta Danish Black Vanilla


SVH Sweet Vanilla Honeydew

Villiger 1888 Early Day


Bulk Tobacco…

Over 40 blends of bulk

Cornell & Diehl

Autumn Evening

Bayou Morning

Engine #99

Pirate Kake



Davidoff English Mixture

Davidoff Flake Medallion

Davidoff Royalty

Davidoff Scottish Mixture



African Queen

Aromatic English

Balkan II

Black & Cherry

Black Cherry

Black Raspberry

Butter Pecan

Creme Brulee

Edward G Robinson

Heavy English

HH Bold Kentucky

Main Sail

Medium English

Navy Flake

Rum and Maple

Scottish Mixture

Vanilla Custard Creme

Voodoo Queen

Whiskey Cavendish


Lane LTD

Buttered Rum

Crown Achievement

Very Cherry










  Blackberry Brandy

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